Friday, July 30, 2010

Another Round of Bitchwater For The Posse

This is the key to understanding gun control and the predispositions in character that make it possible.

It's simple.

Boys raised on this water will surrender their guns to the State when asked. Our ancestors would not. This is what makes gun control possible or even a safe topic to discuss.

They'll getcha with something. They've got so many poisons loaded into everything we breathe, touch and ingest there is bound to be something they will nail you with sooner or later.

All an accident, of course. Like the heavy lead poisoning that women get from cosmetics and lipsticks. All accidental. It's an accident that everything right down to the water supply is deliberately poisoned by injections of known poisons. All accidental.

You can fool some of the sheeple all of the time and most of the sheeple all of the time, too. The poor sheeple don't know when they are being had. The stock lines up at the barn trough and drinks their prescribed poisons just as intended. If any sheeple tries to avoid drinking the mercury-lead-aspartame-formaldehyde-water, all the sheep baaa-aaa and bleat "Conspiracy Nut! Conspiracy Nut!" just like Farmer Brown has taught them to do. Any sheeple that turns his lips away from this toxic garbage is "some kind of tin-foil hat nut or something! Now get your snout in there and drink your water like the rest of us!"


Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown: "Saddam Hussein was getting in the way of the NWO and had to be removed."

Anonymous said...


They're getting so excited at the prospect of the Armageddon they have in store, that they cannot even hide their joy anymnore.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how they'll call you a nut for pointing out all the problems and "accidents" and when someone screws up or a whistleblower reveals all and a conspiracy comes to light then it's just whitewashed and forgotten (which helps people think of these things as rare and isolated one-offs rather than endemic problem).

I think recent generations will be considered the "lost generations" in the future.

Anonymous said...

That probably explains why I occasional think of designs for world government from time to time. But don't worry, it's a world government run by Ron Paul, so I haven't gone totally to the metrosexual side.