Friday, July 23, 2010

America Being Erased From History

Within a very short time frame, large parts of the original nation have been converted to urban prairie. All the infrastructure built over the previous 200 years is being dismantled, allowed to decay and then bulldozed.

All that is left is to bulldoze the people and use them as road ash and the transformation back into wilderness will be complete. It will be as though America never even existed.


Anonymous said...

Of course Japan doesn't have multi-cultural diversifier's to help speed the entropy along.
The Kwa is like a Hollywood movie set where the buildings look impressive and real until one looks around the corner to the back. There one finds debris, dog sh*t and diversifier's smoking crack while they breed.

Anonymous said...

"Back to the Stone Age", as was mentioned there. How apt. We're seeing the works of generations of hard working people being ground away, soon to be washed and blown way. Rolling back the efforts of countless years with the wasteful madness and greed of recent generations.

Infrastructure tells you a lot about a civilization. Lack of it tells you everything. Stone Age, here we come.