Friday, July 9, 2010

Alex Jones On The Darkness

The reason the elite regard the sheeple as beneath contempt is because they are beneath contempt. They're lower than barnyard beasts. They are animals made in the shape of men. They can no more reason than any of the old world primates. The common man is considered of no possible threat because he has completely disarmed himself at the mental, physical and spiritual level. He put on his chains before he was even asked to.

If Jones is a shill, what does it say about the 'Kwa that it's so obvious even a paid shill brings it up?

Nothing can stop the darkness.

I don't care if it makes me the craziest man on Earth to say it out loud - here it is. When the natural rhythms of life precede a large population cull, the higher mammals are sedated internally by mother nature herself. I am convinced that when humans sense an upcoming population crash in their bones, their brains pump them full of dopamine to keep them euphoric and indifferent when they die. Someday, perhaps a hundred years hence, I will be vindicated by the biological sciences. Watch and see.


j said...

I love Alex Jones, but the man is wasting his time. The West is diseased; all the corruption and darkness is only symptomatic of the greater moral malaise. I'm convinced you're right; Western man is subconsciously suicidal at this point; it would take divine intervention to save the world now. He would be smarter to move stakes to Australia or Ecuador and dig a vault. Of course, as soon as he dropped out of the public eye, he'd probably get run over by an unmarked van or something, and he probably realizes that.

Do you actually think Jones is a shill? Would be a pretty good act.

Anonymous said...

Yep, that just about sums it up. Perhaps Oakland, Ca's mayor can get LeBron there to distract his Bro's from burning the city down and all the surrounding areas. Amusing how the first night of riots have been almost completely ignored by the national MSM. But the media was sure there filming the people protesting the G-20 summit in Toronto, weren't they? Had to show the world how bad and senseless those white folk are. The Dismal Tide continues unfettered. Z

Anonymous said...

Here is a picture of the chemical dispersant called "Corexit".
Also, a very good list of what's coming out of the spill itself.

Jones... yeah, that guy...
There's a little truth in just about everything, most is just distraction. He also seems good at desensitizing people.

p.s. Praise GOD, shine bright as you can, and bury your rice.