Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This is Like That Thing Tex Was Talking About

A little more is leaked out into the media, drips and drabs to keep the sheeple busy chasing their own tails around in a circle.

Notice the offhanded comment about the magnetosphere and how it is the only thing standing between us and solar output.

Do you really believe this is the first they have thought of these possibilities? That would mean that Robert Felix and Tex Arcane are two of the smartest men on the planet. Of course, that's not the case.

They've known for over fifty years. Their certainty was locked in at the end of the 1990's. That's when the governments started spending money like there was no tomorrow and using every excuse they could think of to spend more. Do you ever wonder what happened to the "stimulus?" It's just a black hole a lot of money vanished into with no accountability. It was an excuse to get indoor heated swimming pools for a lot of underground government vaults. There never was any stimulus. It was just another flashbang grenade to cover tracks while money went south and attention went north.

What about the "War on Terror?" Another cover for black-ops budgets that nobody anywhere ever got a receipt for?

This money went into vault building for the elites. Do I need to state it any plainer, rube?


Anonymous said...

Off topic


Anonymous said...

Exactly spot on! The bastards have been feathering their nests for a long, long time. War on "Terror"? War on Drugs? Bull Shite. Imagine the countless Billions they made off with on the international drug trade alone? Yes sir, they will be sitting pretty while the rest of us, at first, will commence to killing each other over a can of beans, and then later we'll get fried extra crispy in a solar radioactive hell topside when the monster CME's start pouring down. BTW, if any of you liked the tone my rant I'd like to point out that I'm available for children's parties too. :>) Z

Anonymous said...

I saw that...

Anonymous said...

Ya know Tex, this little blurb is the most telling the whole article, the rest is just shit stirring:

Some scientists believe an incoming brown dwarf star, several times the mass of Jupiter, is responsible for disrupting our solar system's heliosphere. The brown dwarf has disturbed Pluto's orbit. It is also disturbing the orbit of Jupiter and the rest of the celestial bodies in our solar system. The sun is emitting Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) during the last few months that are having a significant impact on the earth's geomagnetic axis and electromagnetic field.

Texas Arcane said...

6:02 Anon

Can you juggle as well?


Anonymous said...

Could this play a part?