Thursday, June 3, 2010

This Crowd Ain't Going To The Moon To Harvest Helium-3

"Sack tapping."

You couldn't make this stuff up.


They're going nowhere, very fast.

UPDATE : This is why they put cobalt payloads on the ends of missiles.


Anonymous said...

No words can describe my hatred against the human race.

Anonymous said...

As you have stated many times, Tex, Man is not a learning animal (anymore). This is why war has always been natural and VITAL for human development. I know this will not be a popular opinion for most. War weeds out the idiots and the unlucky, thins the herd, and aids in discovering new technology. The world hasn't had a major war since 1945 and we are over run with junk humans. Just look at these military age (or near enough) boys inflicting pain on each other. These same boys "car surf" (standing on the roof of a fast moving car), bungie jump, take massive amounts of drugs and/or alcohol, and many other things because of their natural urge to somehow prove themselves worthy of attention and to attract the girls. Some say it is the evidence of immaturity, but I say it is the evidence of the way we are wired. When you fight against other men your senses are sharpened and your focus is narrowed to what is real. If you are just floating along the river of life, with few obstacles, you will tend to get weak and simple minded. That's just the way it is. It's ironic that we all hate war, but war has been humanities forge. I realize that nuclear war is the end of most things, but understand that nuclear war is the inevitable result of all our history, development, and human nature. The ultimate culling.

Texas Arcane said...

I agree wholeheartedly with every single thing you wrote.

It is not what we want to be true. It is not what we wish were true. It is about what is true.

It can honestly be said that there is no other mechanism by which that rude camp we call mankind can be distinguished at all except in warfare. It testifies to the general unfitness of all the human race that it is true.

There is nothing more useless, meaningless, wasteful and inefficient than war. In fact, the only thing worse than war is an extended peace.

A man tends to arrive at these conclusions only after thinking about the subject for decades.

Nuclear warfare is the ultimate expression of natural selection. It is a cull applied to entire nations of men at a time and it can be said to be a kind of final verdict on those people as a whole. The individual may be an exception but the decision is sound.

If you don't constantly demonstrate a martial frame of mind and constant preparedness, you will inevitably find yourself in a war. If you neglect this martial outlook in the right conditions, you will find yourself in a nuclear war. The point of staying in a constant frame of mind as if you were at war is to maintain the peace. When you fail to stay vigilant, nature culls you with a war.

When people point out how unnatural this long and extended peace from 1945-2010 has been, you can tell them it will almost certainly conclude with an apocalyptic, nightmarish and horrific war. That's the way human history is and nothing will ever change it short of a miracle, which will have to come from the outside.