Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Sickness Unto Death - Madhouse Planet

(tipped off by reader)

Article neglects to point out that all of it simply isn't working, period. We don't live in a post-industrial society. We live in a post-society-society. Gathering around the last dying embers before the final war doesn't constitute a society. It's an idiocracy that fails to work at any level.


Anonymous said...

Things just work without anyone having to work to make them work, if you live in a rich neighborhood in the early 21st century West and your name is Hannah, which is as it should be.

Let them write.

No one takes them seriously except, apparently, they themselves.

Anonymous said...

U.S. can't bury its dead properly.

Anonymous said...

Matriarchal societies are extremely violent. Case in point, any area of the US where blacks are a majority. Patriarchy is able to contain male aggressiveness and channel it towards positive pursuits. If men don't have a stake in the society they live in and their offspring, they will become a destructive force.

I think we live in a paradox, when we're able to build and maintain a stable infrastructure to protect us (and esp. women) from the harsh elements of nature, we become complacent and weak. So diseases like multicultrualism, feminism take hold. The leftists in the West today are far more sick and destructive than the communists of the Soviet Union.