Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Food riots. Notice how the article ignores all the other aggravating factors and pretends this is simply due to an increase in demand and fuel prices. Nothing in the universe occurs in isolation as an atomic event. Nothing.

ITZ COMING. In the near future.

This harvest is a no-show in the United States, because this is a year without summer. That's what happens when you enter a new Ice Age. No more soup for you.

The remainder of this year may be the last time you can get food cheap in bulk. Seriously. The last time. Ever.

Add about fifty other co-factors in the Apocalypse Trifecta™ and you got yourselves the Mother of All Famines on the way for planet earth during the next couple of years. The reason I say the next couple is that after that there will have been such a population drop worldwide that food is bound to become available again. So if you can just hide out during the baby meat barbecues and survive the worst part of the famine, you may find the demand has been curtailed dramatically.

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Anonymous said...

Even the sceptics should realise that the simple prudence of stocking up on food and essentials to build a reserve makes sense. Granary stocks were a fact of life for many thriving peopeles in the past and saved them from disaster. Why throw away such a proven safety net?

With the ease of stocking up nowadays and preserving it safely it makes even more sense.