Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The New Ice Age Is Here and the World Isn't Ready Or Even Viable

Everything they were doing for the past ten years was off-topic and irrelevant. Sure, they were doing it together in the millions. It was still useless, counterproductive and inherently self-destructive behaviour.

The end has come and the world has spent all of the money they would have needed to cope with what is going to be a real crisis.

Instead they indulged in madness, gibberish and meaningless blather about subjects of no importance at all to anyone without any foundation in the real world.

The one nation that could have provided some kind of leadership during the coming era is now a laughingstock for historians to catalog amongst the oddities of mankind's legacy.

They had a consensus, sure. Unfortunately, they didn't have any sense between them. All the idiots in their millions followed each other into a ditch.

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