Wednesday, June 16, 2010

NASA Says : "That Nut At VAULT-CO Was Right! Grab The Teenage Girls, A Shotgun and Run Screaming For The Hills!"

They're still not hitting dead center, however. They need to correct for windage and tighten their shot group.

The upcoming magnetic storm is going to do a lot worse than short out some X-Boxes and force people to use candles until they get the power back on.

A lot worse.

If it causes a magnetic reversal or even an excursion, then this is what is going to happen to the Earth's shield :

Meh. This reminds me I have got to check my hatch seals.

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Andrew said...

Be sure to watch the video clip on the telegraph article which features a brilliant disclaimer.

The NASA man is calmly reassuring throughout the whole clip - "don't worry folks this has happened before" - then dropping the bombshell that he's got no idea:
-When it will happen and
-How bad it will be

Wonderful satire.