Thursday, June 3, 2010

MSM Lapdog Gets Owned By Mangoo Smoothie Guzzler Glenn Greenwald

Sputter - choke - swallow - blather - surrender. This was like watching a gay rape porno. The mass media butt puppet tried to recover at the end but his asshole was the same size as the Holland tunnel at this point.

Greenwald just made the most obvious points that anybody with a pulse and respiration could have brought up.


j said...

Israel is such a sick joke; a bunch of white-skinned, Khazar Turks pretending that they're Semitic Hebrews and moving en masse into a region the world that violently opposes them on the pretext that their imaginary friend gave it to them thousands of years ago, and then whining when the people that they supplanted engage in desperate, reciprocal suicide attacks. Israel has no right to exist whatsoever; they didn't even carve their country through force of arms. They're a parasitic tumor on the United States, entirely dependent on our weapons and billions of our tax-dollars per year for survival.

If our country wasn't 80% Christian with an average IQ of 97 who believe Israel has to exist for Jesus to come back, how long would Israel last, do you think?

Anonymous said...

Typical Jewish double standards.

If the Christian Zionists in the West, don't wake up to the evil they are helping to perpetuate in Israel, they will end up in a very hot place down below.