Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Modern Physics=Three Card Monte Street Hustle

So, if dark matter doesn't exist (like Vault-Co has been saying for the past ten years) then it means most of modern cosmology is the most agonizingly puerile horsecrap imaginable. It also lends enormous weight to the electric universe theory.

The only worse thing that could happen would be if the Hadron Collider turns out to be incapable of detecting the Higgs Boson so the staff resort to just pulling excuses out of their ass from thin air. The whole point of the Higgs Boson was that it is the fundamental building block of matter and only exists in one form. This is almost as bad as discovering that red shift in stars has nothing to do with their age or velocity.

The whole ball of wax is gibberish by charlatans. I honestly think we had a lot more solid foundation for physics at the start of the 19th century than we do now. Most of these scienmajistic types are beginning to come off as positively certifiable. The point of science is knowing when to admit you have discovered you're a complete asshole who probably should not even be employed in science. That's the scientific method.


Anonymous said...

"The whole ball of wax is gibberish by charlatans"

Indeed. I came to this conclusion myself long ago. My explanation is that we got to the point when society is producing "educated" people simply by lowering standards over what is accepted as science. This is how 99% of the people were illiterate couple of centuries ago, and without sufficient time for evolution to produce any new qualities, we suddenly have millions of highly educated people, "scientists" worldwide.

My conclusion: they are still illiterate, only now they are faking competence. Actors and pretenders, as you often put it... It's not just global warming of cosmology or relativity or quantum mechanics or genetic engineering... The list could go on and on. This is failed civilization.


Anonymous said...

Very true. Science has long degraded into a scrabble for funding and petty politics. Just look at the global warmthink scandals which outline it all clearly for those who have eyes to see it.

With such an envirionment it is bound to suffer and wither. Progress is made despite, not because of such an environment.