Thursday, June 3, 2010

James Wesley Rawles On ITZ Apparence

It's like that joke in CITY SLICKERS. "Even the cows can operate the VCR by now."

It is so obvious at this point that even the average Kwanstainian knows something is horribly wrong.

The Darkness.


Anonymous said...

Rawles has morphed from a useful-info site into a pedantic festival for uberYuppies with 15K satellite radio systems.

Some of the stuff contributed there is a joke - outright misinformation. Example: a recent idiot touted Canola oil for survival .... even though it remains an FDA approved INSECTICIDE due to it's GM'ed fatty acid makeup.

The article is more of the intellectual, mastubatory BS that that site's become.



Anonymous said...

Hey, c'mon, OhioDude. Rawles has carved a niche for himself with the high-end moneyed survivalists....err,I mean "preppers", LOL. Every one of us is going to find out REAL QUICK how complete their individual plans are.

Anonymous said...


Having taken note of your posts of the last couple of years, I can only assume that your experieces do not allow you to believe in the existence of a higher power.

This, I think is the source of your irritation with Mr. Rawles.

That being said, I will phrase this in a way that cannot be misconstrued as proselitising.

The article in question from Mr. Rawles' contributor F.S. was well researched, coherent, cogent, and only a little outside the norm.

From the reams of information available to the common man, F.S. differs only in that like the sources he cites, he is willing to take an examination rhe weaknesses of our modern civilization to its logical conclusion.

I have some small experience of this in my own right owing to the fact that I am an Infrastructure worker by trade. I regularly receive updates, admonishments, and well meaning blandishments regarding personal preparations for potential or immenent disaster.

NONE of them come anywhere near what I, or any regular visitor here KNOWS is coming.

Do not begrudge Mr. Rawles ( or Tex, for that matter ) a little income from the advertising revenue that comes with running a successful situational awareness site that offers basic info.

They are providing a valuable service to the poor fools who are only now waking up to reality.

Bad Dad