Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Jackboot is Coming Down

To even speak of the truth indirectly is forbidden. To think of the forbidden ... is also forbidden. Those that vanish cannot be spoken of. The things that are banned cannot be listed. To describe that which has been censored is to commit thought crime. To even dwell for long on the wrong thoughts is to invite unpersonage yourself.

This is what sheeple call freedom of speech.

It's the same old nightmare come 'round again.

The Wikileaks Founder may soon find himself undergoing rendition to Denver.


Andrew said...

Just to add to the Denver weirdness Mark...

Wikileaks or no Wikileaks - it won't make any difference by this point - indeed I'll be surprised if the populace take Julian Assange's side over the state.

Make no mistake both those men played their populist roles spectacularly.

The Army experiments to extend life are particularly interesting however. Falls straight in line with the Luciferian mindset - the application of science to conquer life/death itself - without the aid of the creator.

We've already seen of it's previous success stories (aka abominations) in IVF and the "pregnant man"

Anonymous said...

Good, I am seemingly glad to read others are aware of the those pesky luciferians/illuminati/hiddenhand/selfish/smokeworshipping/templar/blueblood/whatever mammals. (Mostly Mammals)? Anyways. We NEED whatever impending doom they wish upon us. Sure.. right.. bad is good for you, DON'T YOU SEE???
"I also am a star in space, unique and self existent".
Let US shine, PLEASE don't force us. I feel like it's a useful tool, I get it, what's happening, but some don't need it.
I find all the evil in the world is like unto a lake I want to move or get rid of. For me to tackle this problem, I would drink that lake until it was dry and transmute that ol' water into urine.
"I've got some butter for your popcorn, and it's non-diary too".