Monday, June 7, 2010

Illuminati Starting Phase II : Sour Grapes?

A perfect time to release biological agents given the chaos caused by natural changes to the climate and planet. Nobody will be able to figure out where this came from or how, given all the other agricultural trouble spots emerging everywhere. Throwing gasoline onto a fire to assure these natural failures are augmented sufficiently to create a very hungry population, eager for the tenets of new world order marxism and only too happy to surrender completely.

Note there is no better place to disperse an agent than in the farmlands of the Missippi river bottom. Perfect place to plant it if it is carried by wind, you could rapidly wipe out a large part of the American harvest.

Things aren't going as planned. None of them were expecting the Euro to tank and the European Union to vanish down the toilet bowl of history. Swine flu (despite their best efforts) was a complete bust, even after deliberately spraying it in the Ukraine. Last of all and most important, their entire globalwarmthinkery scheme blew up in their faces last year in Copenhagen after two decades of social engineering. They got lax when they thought they had the touchdown for sure and they lost the whole game. They're angry, they are pissed off and now they are going to start playing rough.

These people are truly sore losers. Don't be shocked if a lot of terrible things start to happen. They are turning to plan B to try to up the ante a little.

Remember we have spoken about this on Vault-Co many times over the years. A point at which the creative destroyers would realize all they have accomplished is the usual destruction, at which time they would throw aside all premise of aspiring to "create" anything and just concentrate on the destruction part.


Anonymous said...

total collapse is the only remedy for what ails us. governments sole purpose is to channel monies upwards to their bankers, and the people fancy themselves as free entities- coz like we can vote 'em out and shit like that, and stuff, fo' shizz.

stupidity brings death.

Anonymous said...

What's up with all the Illuminati/NWO movies lately, Tex? Have you seen Gilliam's "IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS?" Have you seen Scorsese's "SHUTTER ISLAND?" Which basically shoves down our throats their agenda and the mind-control techniques they use, and telling us we other accept it or be lobotomized? That they want a world where all limitations are lifted, so people can get their violent nature out and genocide each other? Is this what it is about?