Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ice Age II : The End Of The Sheeple

There's no point in arguing with Mother Nature. It's almost as futile as arguing with Vault-Co.

We got it right ten years ago. Everybody else got it wrong. Not even close.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your posts, I read them often. I seem to agree with you more often than not.
I would like to suggest that you perhaps add something a little more , like suggestions to help, something that doesn't involve "kissing your ass goodbye".
Or not...
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:04PM
You want "suggestions to help"?
You want something other then "kissing your ass goodbye"?
Where do you think you are?

This is VAULT-CO Blogspot,this is where the Saints gather to rejoice at the approaching righteous judgement of our HOLY GOD.
This is the movie audiance watching 'Aliens v Predator' and cheering the violence,we have no allegience to either side as they are both evil,that's why we cheer loud and strong,because no matter which one gets taken down WE ENJOY THE SPECTACLE !
Any CIVILISED human being (IE Whitey) can see there's nothing left to "help"
Look around,everything beuatiful and noble has been corrupted by the Children of the Devil already.
If you want to "help" then post links in the comments section so we can track the velocity of Time To Judgement (TTJ)

Face up to it J-day is soon,but if you want to enjoy the show then stock up on tinned goods and rice,just in case you get peckish waiting for the fireworks.
Foremost though,Repent your SIN and confess CHRIST as Saviour.

Chris from Sydney

Texas Arcane said...

Power Ditto followed by ten foot leap into the air for a high-five.

Anonymous said...

I don't disagree with anything either of you wrote. Being here IS my trying to come to acceptance. Empathy prevents me from "enjoying" the spectacle, for BOTH sides. PRAISE GOD.
Yes, the devils are everywhere, yes they've seemingly corrupted most of this three-dimensional space. Yes, it is seemingly hopeless.
I know it's just starting, I know it's the end.
Rice and beans allows me nutrients to survive, perhaps longer than others. Digging a hole and creating a vault may help in that endeavor as well.
The only reason I am compelled to do these things is because the ONE draws me to it.
So I can possibly in the unforeseen future have the strength and will to worship HIM.
I have already taken your suggestion about repenting and accepting HIM. Thank you.