Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hundreds of Colossal Sinkholes Appearing Across China

Scared yet?

You must not be paying attention.

Similar to the dodgy holes that have recently manifested in South America.

Except on the other side of the planet.

This is why Vault-Co was trying to panic you ten years ago, before things like this started happening. It's getting late in the hour now.

A coincidence in Canada, to be sure.

Simply the human mind seeing patterns where there are none. No doubt a random incident without any larger implications of any kind.

(Tipped off by a reader.)


Anonymous said...

Mr T

The basic science behind this sounds solid. Amazing complexity

Displacement of sediments, Gulf subsidence, pressurized gas leaking ...

I had no idea of this vast reserve

Hugoton Panhandle Natural Gas Reserve

WAF, unless access to arks is planned. Oh well .... we can't all be Noah



Anonymous said...

I've read reports from various sources on these sinkholes. The authors logically and patiently explain how they happen. Same with calm rational explanations of volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunami's, and such. It'll be fun to see how these same people calmly and rationally explain these events when they are happening DAILY. Even my head up his butt sheeple brother stopped grazing long enough to remark "Gee, this is almost like the beginning of that movie 2012". Yeah...

Texas Arcane said...

You notice they try to pretend to be confident and sort of sneer, as if even detecting any kind of pattern here would have to be the product of madness.

Blah blah blah increased reporting social context better monitoring ... it's not even a flap of unusual activity, because in admitting that it could be, they'd be admitting it is possible that THINGS CHANGE on this planet.

Sheeple say these things because deep down, sheeple are scared of the real world. They'd have you believe the majority of the population are the ones who are realistic, but unfortunately it is the opposite that is true. The average human being is just ten seconds away from the full fetal position at all times.

Watch as this stuff gears up, the sheeple reactions will be pure gold and grow increasingly ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

It's the end of the Earth as we know it and the end of humanity as we know it:

Men are dying off as a creature and society with it, just as the Earth appears to be reaching total meltdown with the Apocolypse Trifecta.

Rowan said...

An interesting piece. Hopefully a lot of vault-co readers will be carrying the seeds of Western culture with them in their vaults.

Awakened said...

Scared? I don't do scared, that's stupid.
I do ready to rock n'roll.