Sunday, June 27, 2010

Guess What This Is For

Itz coming. The Kwanzanians and their puppet masters know it, too.

This gives them a little more leverage to fill up the FEMA camps without having to worry about bloggers exposing the railcars and neighborhood sweeps when they are happening.

It must be pretty bad and pretty soon for them to pass this on such short notice.


j said...

Almost nothing surprises me with these people anymore, but this bill made my jaw drop. The million dollar question: are they bold because they know they've almost won or desperate because they know they've almost lost?

They must know that shutting off the Internet without an accompanying catastrophe of apocalyptic proportions would do much more harm to their cause than good. This looks really bad.

Anonymous said...

You betcha! The PTB will selectively pull the plug on every conspiracy, survivalist, prepper, firearm, LTS food,"Racist", shortwave and anti-Gov. site and retail outlet. I guarantee you the lists are already made. What will be left will be the MSM and Betty-Sue's recipe for chicken dumplings. And when the internet is started again (if ever) for the 'small people', it'll be controlled like TV and radio. So boys and girls, if there was ever anything you wanted to download from a "special" site I suggest you don't dilly-dally. And get a short- wave radio (although they can monitor and jam them easily), you might get some info out of it. Z