Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Globowarmthinkist Is Thrown Onto Refuse Tip


You haven't seen the last of Kevin Rudd! When the carbon compounds or whatever they are begin to fall or heat up what have you and what not, you'll come begging back to me to force you to switch to fluorescent bulbs and introduce a shoddy home insulation scheme! It's only a matter of time! I'LL BE BACK, BABY! I'LL BE BACK!


Anonymous said...

Dammit, why is your country so damn intelligent, Tex?

Apart from New Zealand and Switzerland, it's one of the last (relatively) limited goverment nations out there.

When this communist got elected, I got concerned that even Australia wasn't safe. Actually, I don't use communist lightly - isn't his nephew a member of the Revolutionary Socialist Party? I reckoned Kevin Rudd's party was an umbrella party for such fringe revolutionaries hoping to enter mainstream. Early neoconservatives had said that they could not succeed as explicity socialist people; they needed a platform for power.

What's amazing is that it now seems like he was just a tool, a temporarily useful person for bringing down John Howard, while smarter people kept him at arms length from important matters.

So Australia will not turn commie then?

Anonymous said...

She's from the same party and she wants to resurrect a carbon trading scheme.

New boss is same as the old boss.

Song sung blue said...

Fairly good result. Aside from the insult of having that middle aged dyke as a PM now, at least any damage it does in the three of four months it has before the election will be cleaned up by Abbott shortly afterwards.

Anonymous said...

of no consequence whatsoever. thousands of other vermin available for the job, nothing is beneath them. good people are not drawn to politics, something to do with the company one keeps.

Andrew said...

@Anon 12:37

Already has turned commie - every Western nation has - hence why Mark's sinking his income into a bunker - we're beyond party politics here.

As for Gillard, nobody reaches the top of the labour party without being a hardcore believer - the kind with a bust of lenin on their desk. Not that the other choices are any better.

Frankly I expect her to be even worse. Iron hand in a velvet glove type, sweet smile with a knife in the back. A barren, "professional politician" - I'm sure she'll put her doublespeak lawyer training to good use.

Mark, seems the globowarmthinkist pope can't seem to keep it in his trousers.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Rudd was brought down by Murdoch Media, for his threats against the Israeli's over the forged Australian passports by Mossad assassins.

marcus said...

but! but! take from everyone else to give to myself! Thats how its supposed to be! Im protecting the planet, so what if I line my pockets with your money at the same time

Anonymous said...

Why the refuse tip when there are perfectly good furnaces? He should be happy that we can burn warmists for fuel instead of oil. Warmists are probably a renewable resource.