Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Even Sheeple Are Figuring It Out Now

Truth is, an unprecedented economic collapse of hitherto unforeseen severity was obvious back in 1999. A fake real estate boom created by pumping paper and easy credit into the system kept the world afloat on a dream for ten years.

The dream is over. The nightmare is beginning.


Anonymous said...

"Even sheeple are figuring it out now" is true enough but they're still not doing the slightest thing to prepare. Nobody I work with nor friends nor any of my relatives are even thinking of altering their special-precious little snowflake lives in any way. When it all becomes unglued, I don't look forward to dealing with their sorry, whiny butts. Oh wait, I just remembered! I won't 'cause I'll be long gone! Gee, this survival triage stuff is easy! (I ripped that line from the Mogambo Guru). Z

Anonymous said...

Peter Schiff called the stimulus for what it was--a two year sugar high.

The Ministry of Plenty was reporting an unprecedented rebound and some other claptrap.

The downturn of 2009 was barely nothing. The real pain is going to begin right now.

Anonymous said...

"So let us hope that the euro breaks up."

Yeah let's hope that the Euro breaks up so that the Wall Street sharks and can rejoice and the Fed can print even more money out of nothing. So that those who were bailed out by Obama and are now destroying the European economy with IMF and austerity measures can win again. Because you see the Euro was becoming too powerful and was replacing our dollars made out of thin air. The Anglo-American establishment (and their Jewish masters) wanted a hegemony over Europe since WW I. Now that the EU was becoming powerful economically they had to do something about it again as they did with Germany twice.

This article made me sick. The guy who wrote it is obviously a bankster plant.