Thursday, June 10, 2010

Encirclement of Russia Leading To WW3

Putin knows what is going on. That's a leader. He knows what Russia is up against, as well. None of the delusions so common to Kwanstainians.

The regime in the Kwa thinks they have a plan but all they are doing is pouring gasoline onto an oil fire.

If you have been paying attention, you will see it is all coming to a head.


Rowan said...

The Chinese are starting to figure it out.

When looking for a property I must remember to specify that I need solid granite bedrock.

j said...

Have you seen this yet? According to a breaking report from Israeli intelligence, Osama bin Laden has been hiding in Iran for the last 5 years, and Turkey knew all about it.

Talk about not being able to make this stuff up if you tried. Israel sure is a great ally to let us know about this, and I'm sure the Turkish angle has nothing to do with the altercation over the flotilla incident.

God, the world is a stupid place.

Anonymous said...

Amerikwa is a circus clown car with 305 million clowns in it. That's a lot of clowns that will be shaked and baked real soon. Extra crispy.......ON THE OTHER HAND.....What if the Big Three, knowing that catastrophic Earth Changes are coming, are trying to position forces in strategic terms so that they might have the upper hand after TSHTF? You know, like in the Korean war when the peace talks were conducted, both sides were fighting like demons to either hold what they had, or gain some tactical advantage as the armistice was signed. Maybe they figure what the heck, they don't know how bad it'll be, might as well give it a go. If it's all going to be creamed anyway then they got nothing to lose trying.