Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eggheads Baffled At Their Own Inanity

Here's what you need to know:

We're closer to the truth than these guys are.

Everything is relative. Nobody has a monopoly on the truth.

Everything is relative. We're just much closer than they are to actually knowing what is going on around us.

Vault-Co was closer to the truth ten years ago and we're still closer now than any of these people can ever hope to be.

This ain't just a period of severe solar flares coming up. It's not an isolated event that is mostly about electrical systems getting knocked out. Of course electrical systems are going to get knocked out. We didn't spend the past ten years working on our shelter system because we thought the power was going to go out.

A lot worse is about to happen than some electrical systems getting knocked out.

Just reading the words of these people gives you an insight into how they think. Most scienmajistic types nowadays are really stupid people. Relatively speaking, they aren't bright enough to shine our boots here at Vault-Co. We're way, way ahead of them in seeing the implications of what is coming out of their mouths. Way ahead. By the time they "get" it, they are going to be dead.

After 2012, don't expect it to get any better. There's going to be a very hard run of it for a while and you'd best acclimate yourself to that notion.

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Anonymous said...

Lets just face it time for this interglacial has just plain and simple RUN OUT!.
No time is available for a maunder minimum or a younger dryas or a Dalton minimum to run its course.
This dip is the long one that will last 100,000 years or so until the next interglacial.
When you get some warm weather everyone needs to go out and suck it up cuz it is going to get scarce!even in Aus

Tex you missed a great meet!