Saturday, June 19, 2010

Confirmed By Mainstream : Kwa Killer Bubble

I will simplify it all for you so that you can understand the gist of this situation.

The oil is rushing out at 120,000 pounds per square inch.

What forces it out under that kind of pressure?

A methane hydrate gas bubble layer beneath it that is at least 20 kilometers across beneath the oil layer.

As the oil rushes out, water rushes in.

Here's the problem.

When enough water has rushed in to equalize the pressure sufficiently, a 20 kilometer wide methane hydrate bubble will escape at supersonic velocity and explode when it reaches the surface, essentially destroying the lower right corner of the United States in about fifteen minutes with a combination of overpressure and the resulting tsunami.

As far as anyone can tell, this is now as inevitable as gravity and sunshine. It's going to happen and there is nobody who can stop it.

If you live in this region, Vault-Co recommends evacuation. As soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

Who had the brillant idea to dig a hole that near to the mantle of earth!? .. Didn't they thought 5 seconds at the consequences of doing that!?

Earth is bleeding, I bet it will become self aware quite soon and end this plague..

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't go that far Tex, it's all guess upon a guess. Nobody knows for sure.

But here's something for fun. German writer Gustav Meyrink wrote in 1903 a story "Petroleum, Petroleum" which prophesied Gulf of Mexico oil leak that would go catastrophic. You can find it at Henry Makow's site, and there is also an excerpt at,

Try google translate with that link.


Anonymous said...

Hearing a lot of wild stories about the oil spill. If reality is just one tenth as bad as some of the shit I've read then the gulf region is completely fucked. Get out while you still can.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

And I'll say, "nice belch babe'.
Who likes the southeast anyways?
I wonder how far and fast wind speeds would get around surrounding areas?