Wednesday, June 2, 2010

China Is Going To Blow The West Away (Literally)

Whilst the children of the West practice their crotch-grabbing and testicle squeezing skills to qualify for the work camps and welfare hostels of tomorrow, the Chinese are getting ready to welcome a Jetsons future which will be maintained by a society of engineers and scientists.

The West was eclipsed ten years ago. It's just taking a while for them to get the news.


Anonymous said...

Tex, although you probably figured this out already, just want to say that the South Korean ship that vanished during the drill is 200% False Flag. It is simply impossible for the North Koreans to have been able to do anything. This is Tonkin Gulf all over again.

Rowan said...

That article is 6 years old, the Chinese economy has almost doubled in that time. Some of the things I read about what's going on in China boggle the mind. Flat-pack modular nuclear power plants which can be built like lego, delivered by lorries and constructed assembly line style in the world's greatest assembly line factory? Talk about playing to your strengths. Pure genius.

If I haven't mentioned previously I started learning Mandarin at the start of this year. Just hedging my bets incase the world ticks over, since it's getting harder and harder to make a decent living in the West. If I get the chance I'm going to invest in Aus/Chinese Mining/Agriculture companies.

Anonymous said...

China currently has competitive advantage because of cheap slave labor, but they'll eventually supplant the West in terms of infrastructure and as the place to do business. The West cannot compete with them in terms of manufacturing and only have service sector and fake white collar jobs that will easily be replaced, outsourced or phased out altogether.

The West is 20 percent of the world's population and they're able to basically outbid the rest of the world to buy up 80 percent of it's resources. What happens when China's infrastructure surpasses the West's? Japan's birthrate has declined but they haven't embraced the multicult, I imagine that they'll use robotic technology to take care of it's aging population. At worst, they'll invite Asiatic races (such as Han Chinese) as workers to support their aging population. Chinese are far more compatible with Japanese in comparison to Black Africans in Europe.

The judaic religion of multiculturalism is harder to take root in China and Japan because the jews cannot half-assimilate there and latch on to East Asiatic hosts.

Perhaps this is a bit counter-intuitive, but even if the global warming theory is a scam, it would have been advantageous to promote it anyway so that relatively "carbon free" nuclear energy would have received the necessary push to take hold in the West.g The French have been impressive in that reard, but unfortunately they have subscribed to racial suicide in the process.

The economic collapse in Europe and the Kwa is part of the process of economic power being transferred from the West to the East. The 'kwa has been unviable for 40 years and has had to borrow, debauch the currency in order to keep business going as usual to satisfy short term goals. Peter Schiff, Ron Paul and other "anti-fiat" Austrian economists have the right prescription, but there is no realistic political will to implement such tough love (like letting the "too big to fail" actually fail).