Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Barack Obama Is An AntiChrist

After giving himself stealth power over all living things on Earth, now the down-low brother has granted himself permission to shut down the internet when he so decrees.

This asshole is the worst thing to happen to the entire planet in a long, long time. Lucifer incarnate would actually be like a vacation compared to this brother.

The Gulf disaster is slowly, very incrementally, ramping up to martial law.

This is funny enough graveyard humor to qualify as a Vault-Co correspondent. Check out Barack snacking on baby pelican heads.

Chernobyl * Infinity. The freakin' absolute end of Kwanstainia.


Of course, that's going to be the official start of Civil War II.

Everybody sounds like Vault-Co now.

Death Camp Cage Kwanzania. Even the rain will kill. The offgassing will kill. The contaminants will make their way up the Eastern seaboard, killing millions of susceptible people. South American and Mexican beaches will become toxic sewers of lethal chemicals.

That's what happens when you elect a crackhead for President.


Anonymous said...

It does beg the question.

If the executive administration of United States is so clever in stealthily taking power and misleading the public...

why are they still so stupid in spending several hundred billion dollars more than they should on outdated defense equipment? Just how clever is this administration in spending so much money in defense machinery that will not help them fight modern wars?

Anonymous said...

John Ross covered this in "Unintended Consequences". The difference is that in the book they communicate offline to evade the snooping authorities online. To keep a tab on goings on with the web dead is harder to do as you'd have to set up the dial up BBS before the net gets strangled. Are you offering Tex?


Anonymous said...

The aim isn't to win the war. The aim is to gain power through it and then kill as many as they can. Their own people or the "enemy".

Anonymous said...

To answer Anon 2:37's question....The whole purpose of the PTB (Top banks) is to increase debt. They don't make money with sound National monetary policy, or with a balanced budget, or if every citizen lived within their means. No, TPTB want ruinous, hopeless, never-ending debt. Right now they CONTROL everything. But soon they will OWN everything. What they are ultimately after is a world with a lot less people in it and have 95% of those people left alive as real or virtual slaves. But, let's get back to the point, which is you ask why they spend billions on, let's say, aircraft carriers that wouldn't last 30 minutes in a world war or any other waste of taxpayer money, whether it's on useless weapons systems, social programs, aid to worthless nations, etc, etc .... you have your answer. Debt. Forever debt.

Andrew said...


Mark might wish to give a different explaination but I'll dare to offer a few reasons.
1>If the machinery is useless - it would imply that the US will not be the predetermined victor.
2>It wastes what little credit/favor the US has left on useless crap.
3>It makes money for the dealer.
4>The participants are obligated to putting on a good light show!

WW3 will far worse than the previous wars - just as the second was to the first. It won't require the consent of the population and conventional fighting won't be required - even Koko the gorilla can likely operate a drone plane.

Additionally the seeds have long since been planted - being described both in the good book and occult material.

It certainly looks like they've got the audacity to cause a oil disaster deliberately for the money - and debt historically triggers wars.

Anonymous said...

"why are they still so stupid in spending several hundred billion dollars more than they should on outdated defense equipment?"

because everyone is watching the left hand and and it distracts from what the right hand is doing


j said...

Weird that Deepwater Horizon blew on April 20. What an auspicious day for an apocalyptic event, what with Hitler's birthday, the OKC bombing, and the Colombine, Waco, and Ruby Ridge massacres all falling on either the 20th or the 19th. I'm sure that nothing untoward is going on, though.