Sunday, June 27, 2010

Anecdotal But Important : Mother Of All Famines

Read this and see why it's the little things that tip off deep thinkers about changes in the world around them before they happen.

It seems like such a little story, largely subjective, about a woman who recently made a trip to the grocery store.

It foreshadows the absolute horror of what is coming.

A very short time from now, people who see two loaves of bread in your cart instead of one may pay more attention to you than you would like.

The time to buy food is now. This might be the last time you can build your stocks without drawing undue attention to yourself. You might gather from reading the above story that this time may have already past in parts of the United States.

This is that seam of fabric I have often spoke of, peeling back to reveal the ugliness that dwells right beneath the brittle surface of civilization. It is a colossal well of madness underneath there. The second the hamburgers and milk shakes dry up, you could see it start to erupt from it's hidden reservoirs.

Christians are compelled subconsciously to respect the tenth commandment. This is why Christian civilizations weather crisis so much better than other societies. Of course, modern people observe no such injunction against envy. In fact, beneath a thin veneer of normalcy, they observe no injunctions of any kind against anything ... they are people without foundations and what others assume are their operating premises will vanish like the illusory wisps they really are once these consumer units start to get hungry.

Nobody scares me worse than the New Age types talking peace, brotherhood and enlightenment. You just know they are going to bug out of their minds when the time comes.


Anonymous said...

"Christians are compelled subconsciously to respect the tenth commandment."

I LOL'd.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe there will be much of a market for Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers products in the near future. Thinking positively, this could be a good thing for the ones who don't starve to death or who are just plain murdered. It's nature's own ancient diet plan. All those brain dead fat slobs you see waddling around? The upcoming show will be the best thing for them and (more importantly) the rest of us. Of course, they won't quite see it that way. I will. Z

Anonymous said...

No worries man, those "new-age hippies", are all vegans/vegetarians. They won't last long, grass fed meat... *wink.

No really, BURY your rice, tell nobody.
Things are seemingly moving faster.