Monday, June 14, 2010

All Those With IQs Above 110 Will Be Punished Severely

Dystopian hell run by morons.

Pity they aren't this pro-active on rapists and murderers. Handymen are the real terrorists. No stone will be spared in looking for anyone who dares to reinforce the security of his own home.

I gather this structure was probably stronger than most city standards would require.


Solsys said...

[i]Handymen are the real terrorists.[/i]

They still haven't caught Harry Tuttle, though.


Anonymous said...

Just more proof that ownership of private property is an illusion in America. The following article snippet is proof that freedom is no longer a part of American heritage either. You can read about it in history books though...for now.

"Still, home shelters do surface from time to time. Jacqui Schraad, executive director of the Heritage Society of Austin, said the society included a West Lake Hills home on its Heritage Homes Tour a couple of years ago when it featured mid-century modern homes. The owners "discovered a perfectly intact bomb shelter with all the amenities inside," she said. "Cans of beans, Frank Sinatra records, gas masks — everything."

j said...

Seriously, he was using car batteries for supports and everything. His neighbors are clearly overreacting; a few sinkholes and the threat of their homes collapsing into their elderly Mexican neighbor's tunnel-system are no big deal.

Anonymous said...

SWAT and bomb squads leap into action for an innocent situation like this, but if you're raping people or gunning people down in the street you have to get unlucky before they'd consider troubling you.

And people wonder why they can never get a cop when they need one...too busy using guns to threaten handymen!

Anonymous said...

Modern government's thinking:

Wanting to protect yourself and your family = terrorist

Being thoughtful and prepared = terrorist

Notice in the image the typical "OH MY!! THEY FOUND GUNS!!?!?", but yet no mention of illegal weapons in the text, so they were clearly legal. Just trying to make the 70 year old vet look like a bad guy and terrorist.

Anonymous said...

Mr T

This link is from the Oil Drum

I'd contact friends and family in the Gulf and have aserious conversation.

Diaspora will be the new word


Anonymous said...

It's heartwarming to see that the East German STASI system is alive and working well in Amerikwa. I hope this unfortunate man's neighbors are butchered in the coming mayhem. I hate rat f**ks with a passion.

Texas Arcane said...

Also found in the upper level of the home were 116 books. 7 steak knives. 3 sweaters. It sends a chill up your spine, doesn't it? If you're an incredible moron, anyway.

Anonymous said...

I just read Not By Fire But By Ice. It was great, easy to read, understand and belive. But I noticed that one of his theories about magnetic reversals stated that great amounts of electricity will go surging on and through the earth, generating enough heat to instantly turn mud to stone. I belive he used footprints, raindrops and pond ripples all caught in stone as examples of how fast this would happen. I waited to read more about this but he didn't mention it again. So... how do we all not get flash fried? Are there particular places this happens in and not others and can it be predicted where next time? Is your vault insulated against massive bursts of electricity surging through the ground with enough power to turn concrete to glass? Just curious.
Also towards the end he mentioned that perhaps it would be possible to coat the oceans with oil to reduce evaporation, lessening the devestation from floods and slowing the snowfalls and subsequent glaciation. I thought that was interesting in light of the current crisis.

Anonymous said...


Cheers J