Friday, May 28, 2010

Zero Hour - EMP Pulse Back To Stone Age

This is excellent, link courtesy of a Vault-Co reader.

Check out the roundup of current solar system phenomena on other planets in addition to our own. This would be the first time I've seen them all gathered together. Pretty daunting.


Anonymous said...

Could that approaching brown dwarf, be the planet Nibiru of Sumerian legend?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes it can Anon 7:10! That's as long as you believe it is "The Destroyer" of legend and myth. There are gonna be some cool pyrotechnical effects going on very soon. Actually, they already started...volcanoes and such. Get yer popcorn ready, this is gonna be quite a show!!

Anonymous said...

The story is good, however Carrington events are only like the E3 portion of an EMP and will damage the power grid, not all electronics.

The E1 portion of EMP is what damages most micro chips and current weapons can reach levels of 200 kV/m2 underneath the blast and 100kV/m2 at the horizon rather than the 50 - 80 kV/m2 generally used in feel good presentations.

These type stories tend to confuse people by mix and matching the two different effects.