Saturday, May 1, 2010

You Can Chase Nature Out With A Pitchfork

... but she will always return, dear sirs.

Nobody upstages the Earth. She has the last solo and that fat lady is singing.

This is going to be like that thing Vault-Co was warning you about ten years ago.

"We could have an ice age any time," Dr. Goldberg says, "Over the past one million years, we have experienced eight ice ages. Eighty percent of the last million years was ice age. We are lucky to live in this short inter-glacial period."

Oh, you better believe itz coming.

Think the sheeple are waking up yet? No, they're not. They do not understand the implications of what is going on around them. They think this might be a threat to the power grid. It doesn't fall within the scope of their comprehension that there could be something a lot more serious happening here.

Jung was right. Men can't handle much reality and what little they can has to come in very tiny doses like medicine for a child. I don't think their learning curve is going to catch up fast enough with what is going on.

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