Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The World Is Not The Place You Think It Is

The "collapse of communism" was an event engineered to close out the ruins of the Soviet Union (having been milked dry) and begin the march to world government. The elites intend to do to the world the same thing they did to Russia in 1918. It will take a long time to suck that marrow out. The planet will bleed a lot longer than Russia ever did under a new world order.

The sheeple are like high quality cattle with yields in coins instead of beef when they come to market. They are still domesticated animals - or at least they act as such. The "human" looks to me nowadays more and more like a mythical beast. The reality is monkeys in manpants fed beer and pro wrestling to keep them sedated while tax revenues are throttled out of them.


Anonymous said...

Mr T

I know you're busy, and point out for readers two gentlemen who've been all over the ComIntern faux-fall and the Banker-Guild takeover of the world ...

JR Nyquist and Michael Ruppert

I'd laugh at your colorful descriptions of the Booboisie if they weren't so darkly true


Anonymous said...

Mr T

Do you get tired of being correct ?

Independent Thinkers now Considered Diseased by Psychiatry

The Directorate of Reeducation will be very busy, da ?

Comrade OhioDude

Anonymous said...

And we are spending more money now on the military than we did during the Cold War. According to the established myth we "outspent" the Soviet Union on weapons systems and they just gave up without firing a shot. The Russians had tens of thousands of tanks, fleets of fighters and bombers, millions of troops, all well armed and trained, Nuclear subs and surface warships. And they just said..."Aw, screw it..we give up". Yeah right. So now we spend even more money to fight a few raggedy, skinny bearded guys sitting in a hole with a rifle. We have 5 Billion dollar aircraft carriers. 35 million dollar fighter planes. 1 million dollar tanks...all to fight a dirt poor peasant. And we can't win. Yeah right. What a joke. All this waste of resources to keep us idiots poor and stupid. And it's working beautifully.