Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Also in the news, some possible warfare.

UPDATE : Russia wants in on the action! Putin wants a piece of Kwanzanian ass!

China dares to assert itself in the South China Sea, Kwanzanians respond with Kwanzanyness

Kwanzans killing anybody with a turban in Afghanistan for reasons vague and obtuse

Kwazy Kwanzans rustling up North Korea with a lot of yelling and rambling ranting

... which is kind of odd since as usual, the Kwanzanians build up their enemies with military hardware before they then make war on them.

Still unsatisfied, Kwanzanies try to gin up internal race war with mexican illegals for giggles

Global ZOGBux pyramid scheme is one straw short of the camel's back breaking

The worst bastards are the ones who go around spreading false hope to Kwanzanians

Kwanzania going down the gurgler in what could only be described as an implosion similar to that of the Soviet Union

... also no surprise since they rigged the game so that their own ass would fall off invariably just when they needed it most.

That's what happens when you base your economy on a delusional lunatic's ideology like John Maynard Keynes, a man who spent more time with a penis in his hand than a sliderule


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Nice shooting Tex, Kwanzania is doing everything it possibly can to speed up its own destruction.

Anonymous said...

Heh, there are stories about what a wildly decadent sexual life Keynes used to live, and it's not that he was an apologist for it. No, he went one step further, and berated anybody who dared live a stable married life, thinking people of bourgeois values were "too stupid or too wicked".

And yet this man influences public policy in nearly every nation of the world.

Anonymous said...

Russia sends a strong message to Kwanstain.