Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vault-Co Saw This 20+ Years Before It Happened In the 'Kwa

I'll let the video speak for itself.

Robert Welch foresaw this many decades ago. The John Birch Society was right. Everybody else was wrong.

I'm absolutely serious when I say it is far too late to do much of anything about this. It's sort of that moment for the sheeple that you have in a chess game when you realize you may not have been checkmated yet, but you cannot win. It's too late for the sheeple to do anything at all.


Anonymous said...!

You'll like that....

Anonymous said...

If any of the African-Amerikans had any sense they would be shaking in terror over this because they are first to fall under the machetes of these La Raza types. Mexican gangs are ethnically cleansing L.A. right now. There is no scenario I can envisage, whether it's a economic collapse, food crisis, EMP attack, CME event or what have you, that will not immediately lead to an all out race war. This is something that sheeple, or even most "Preppers", will not address because it's not PC. We are all brothers, eh? Just you wait.

Andrew said...

This clown is full of hot air - the only place he'll be when ITZ kicks off is in the backlines sending his "brothers" to the fight against any "enemy" they happen to come across.

You have to love the age old rivalries that fire off against each other when ITZ hits the fan - and the Kwa certainly has more rivalries than most.

Sadly history shows that the satanic ruling elite always seem to depart, along with anything of value, at the first sign of trouble - how awfully convenient.

But don't worry they'll be more than happy to return after all groups have shot each other to pieces - assuming there's anything left to salvage.

The question is which group comes out on "top"?

j said...

Maybe the negro rape-squads and the Mexican machete-wielding Plan of San Diego proponents will kill each other off, haha.

Anyway, I hope you're right. Whites have become a race of lethargic, gullible cattle, and we're slowly dwindling into extinction, anyway. A major shock, like an uprising of the 30 million hate-filled Mexican nationals in the U.S., might be enough to jolt people into reality. Or maybe the Mexicans will win and turn the U.S. into another impoverished, corrupt 3rd world shithole (more so than it already is, I mean). Then they can border-jump into Canada to escape. There's an ironic justice to either outcome.

Anonymous said...


This is just like all the 1950s African dictators who studied in Marxist indoctrination centers like University of Pennsylvania and Cambridge University.

"Our complete takeover of our new nation's economy, suppression of civil rights, and persecution of ethnic minorities IS A FIGHT AGAINST IMPERIALISM AND CAPITALISM."

Anonymous said...

I've no love for the establishment. If these idiots can help propel the destruction of our weak, corrupt society, then I'll be more than happy to grease the rails of this runaway freight train.

This Che Guevara wannabe is complaining against the very capitalist oligarchy that opens the border for them in order to wage labor arbitrage. Those who are cheering him on are classic examples of useful idiots.

I'm too young to remember the heyday of the John Birch Society. From a cursory glance at their history, they are the equivalent of Alex Jones and Ron Paul types. The JBS actually opposed the Vietnam war, which is probably the main reason why they were summarily dismissed by the "respectable Right" of the day.

Anonymous said...

There is more, Texarkana.

This Machete movie is a full fledged race war incitement, and one wonders how far up somebody is wanting to engineer it.

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