Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tra La La Lala La

This stuff just doesn't frighten me anymore. I feel up to it. It's something that needs to happen, it's God's will and it is the only cure for a very wicked planet. In retrospect, people will someday recognize it as further evidence that the unjust get their comeuppance when the time comes. The universe is not meaningless and God does not suffer the children of the Devil forever.

Rest assured, itz coming.

"I think this one has gotten away from us, Jack."

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Andrew said...

Just watched it now off your recommendation and it's quite the complex film indeed.

The similarities to 1984/Brave New World et al - are obvious although it does have a nice range of quirky characters:
-De Niro's renegade engineer who actually fixes the equipment as opposed to "Central Services".
-Palin's nazi torturer.
-The vain plastic mother and the odd restaurant name a few.

I'm sure it'll take several re-watches to connect all the dialogue, imagery etc. "They Live" and "Clockwork Orange" touch on similar themes - I'm certain you've mentioned them before.

Nice to see some familiar faces too - I'm not sure if you'll know them Mark.
Clerk cameo / Gordon Kaye of Allo Allo fame.
Mrs. Buttle / Sheila Reid