Friday, May 7, 2010

This Is Like That Thing Vault-Co Was Talking About

They were always just biding their time until there were enough of them that they could organize themselves. Putting on a mask and pretending to be something they aren't, weren't and can never be.

It doesn't take much to fool the children of the Western world. Just like Adam and Eve with the serpent in the garden, they are naive and gullible.

They are only coming here for a better life, you see. It's so violent and insane and depraved and horrible back where they came from. Nobody seems to know why. They are just trying to get away from that back in their home and besides, most of them have no luggage. They are only carrying themselves. What's the worst that could happen?

We'll live by your law today, pinky. Tomorrow will be another story, on that day we'll live by our law ... which incidentally, is much simpler than your law. He who has the biggest machete makes the laws where we come from.

Vault-Co predicts you will see many, many similar movies with the same villains and themes coming out in the new Amerikwa. After all, there is now a large enough audience to support them.


j said...

Wow. That's about the most transparent propaganda I've ever seen Hollywood produce, which is saying something. It's like they're blatantly trying to incite race-war. Which they probably are; wouldn't it be nice if the proles stopped thinking about how the jewish banking oligarchs are "doing god's work?"

Meanwhile, the illegals are busy rioting and burning all over the country, in the midst of a total media blackout. Because Arizona decided to enforce its immigration laws before it collapses utterly. Lol, can you imagine if the Tea Parties behaved even a tenth as violently? It'd be martial law, curfews, and tanks rolling through the suburbs.

Anonymous said...


What is it you always used to say on older forums? Something like, you know when your society is being enriched when you begin witnessing automatic weapons fire, gigantic explosions, fires burning out of control, and men running down the streets screaming and waving machetes.

Sounds about right to me.

Anonymous said...

I can't think of a single country that isn't falling victim to the anti-white propaganda nowadays. Most, if not all, of Europe is subject to Islamic propaganda and invasion while the United States gets enriched by mexicans and niggers who reproduce faster than white men (who aren't having babies anymore thus sealing the fate of our civilization.).

The jews are slowly engineering a race of work slaves which is the whole point of "diversity" and race mixing, to dilute our genes and create a race of submissive, ignorant manboons that will do all those tasks that jews do not want to do.

Anonymous said...

A "Mexploitation" film. I can't tell if the political subtext is sincere or if it's actually satire because it's so over the top. I like B-movies myself, but I think I'll pass on this one.

j said...

Notice how Fox has pulled this now? Lol. I guess they're pulling it down all over the Net.

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