Monday, May 17, 2010

Sociopaths Are Self Promoting By Nature

Sociopathy works because sociopaths succeed, therefore proving that sociopathy is successful because if it wasn't right we wouldn't have succeeded. Therefore sociopaths are superior because their brains learn how to lie earlier in order to succeed. Sociopathy proves that sociopaths are superior by virtue of sociopathy.

The first half of a civilization is driven by sincerity.

The second half is like this turd we live in now.


Anonymous said...

Yes, disgusting suggestion of the British press. Like the one which recently stated that lesbians are better parents than normal couples. As if they have a goal to produce as much social decadence as possible.


Rowan said...

Alex Jones on that Machete film.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen a 1999 movie called "Election", Tex? It's exactly about that thing.

Rowan said...

Vaults are being built everywhere. I hope you can put together your vault construction book, it would be very useful for those of us who wouldn't trust a communal shelter.

Anonymous said...

It's a strategy, sociopathy, that only works when there is enough non-sociopaths to exploit. Critical mass is approaching where sociopaths, genetic or otherwise, will outweight the non-sociopaths and that will trigger the collapse: just like Rome and all the other Empires.

dominant genes said...

evolution is survival of that which has the highest reproductive success, and the genes which are dominant between the mates. Mankind, in order to survive, has naturally selected the co-operative populations (early civilization, family survival etc)
This is clearly illustrated in the mating of peoples from communal cultures, like america, and 'individualist' cultures, like europe.
Just mate a european with a native american or african and its plain to see, nature is naturally selecting the more co-operative genes.
Or look at china, growing to 60% the world pop. Where europes population will soon only be sustainable via immigration. (less than 8% current world population {compared with blacks at about 20% and "latin americans"/natives easily breeding out the inferior "latin" genes.})
No one wants to have/raise kids with a douche-bag (from doucheland)...Ha Ha, and when they do, the dominant genes win. Its just a matter of time.
Too bad, your thesis seemed so solid...laugh out loud. do some real research

Texas Arcane said...

You left out the part where IQ drops to par with Koko the Sign Language Gorilla, ruling out anything resembling a civilization altogether.

Nice try, though, in a kind of deranged topsy-turvy antirational way.

Anonymous said...

G'Day Tex,
Just want to add a voice of agreement for Rowan's comment about a vault construction book, it would be of invaluable assistance.

Texas Arcane said...

I know I should get the vault book out this year, but I keep waiting to show the full system with both Vault-OS 16 bit and 32 bit integrated and working in the shelter with voice command. This project is going slower than I would like.