Saturday, May 15, 2010

Robert Felix's Ominous "Rainbow Clouds"

EDIT : Fixed Link, Sorry about that.

Not a good harbinger at all for California.

Robert Felix wrote extensively about these in his book on magnetic reversals. He says they are caused by electrically charged air over tectonic plates before they release the pressure they are accumulating.

Get ready for a supervolcano to blow - one of many due very soon Now they are admitting Katla seems to be awakening.

This is still only preliminaries to the real chaos that is coming.

I foresaw all of this before it happened 12 years ago and decided to build an underground shelter. Not the specific dates and events. Other people just saw the trees. I saw the woods. I knew back in 1998 about all the strange things taking place on the ground, in the sky and in the sun itself. I knew it wasn't normal. I didn't use social proofs. I didn't care what the consensus was. I am a learning animal. I am a reasoning man. I can't speak for everybody else.

I proceeded with certainty because I had certainty. If you want certainty about this subject you will have to be capable of thinking. Maybe one in a thousand men can think. The rest are just faking it.

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Andrew said...

Might want to correct the main link Mark.

I find myself reading more into the occult/spiritual angle personally.

The nature of money, "medicine", satanism in music/politics/films, ritual child abuse, Albert Pike et al, WW3, faux death of nazism/communism, faux religion (Icke/Maxwell, Scientology, ROMAN catholicism) etc.

Essentially the gist of what these clowns believe in and worship and have done for a very long time.

From there it's a short leap in logic, for even a hardened atheist, to realise that their opposite number must exist - and I find myself working through the New Testament in the 1611 KJV.

These clowns are innately destined for fail - just look at the latest oil spill. The mental image of them attempting to seal the pipe with what amounts to a giant femidom attached to a pole through 5000 ft of water is especially amusing.