Monday, May 31, 2010

Planet Shaking Itself To Pieces

It hasn't even started yet.

Wait until this thing blows.

You want to talk about cold, imagine the first years of Ice Age II + Supervolcano eruption + Worldwide Ash Cloud.

Famine. Massive emigration. War over fresh water and food.

Interesting times indeed we live in.

We saw this coming at Vault-Co more than ten years ago.


Anonymous said...

Mr T

If gas:oil ratio in the BP voilcano is correct [ 300:1 ] then this video is an eye opener....

H2SO4 and methane are the light fractions rising to the surface right now due to introduction of dispersants at the level of the leak precipitating the heavier components

The Oil Drum and have amazing data and videos of the ongoing action


Anonymous said...

The pace is picking up. Faster and faster, thank God. I say just get it over with, Amen. It is hard to believe that most people don't pay attention to these happenings or even try to connect the dots. My neighbor is concerned over the price of Nascar tickets being so expensive. That's his pet peeve with the world. What a wake up call he's going to have when the day comes when he's starving, thirsty and helpless.

Anonymous said...

Is abiotic oil true? Is there untapped oil resources waiting to come out from deepwater drilling?

Deepwater horizon has basically made it politically impossible to exploit these resources.

The easy oil/low hanging fruit is gone. There may be an ocean of oil in the mantle of the Earth, but it's far more dangerous to get to it.