Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paul Craig Roberts Bids Adieu and Announces His Own Personal Bugout For Good

A great journalist.

It's a shame the televitz zombies can't read.

We used to have a free and vigilant press. That was long ago, around the time I was born.

All gone now.

Perhaps Roberts is the last of the old cowboys to pack it in, along with guys like Sobran and Fred Reed. The prattle remaining resembles the scribbling of retarded children. It's barely even legible or makes any semantic sense.


j said...

This is small-time news, Tex. Do you realize that Guam is on the verge of capsizing?

Anonymous said...

quote tex-
We used to have a free and vigilant press. That was long ago, around the time I was born. end quote

so it's your fault! (fault-co, bwaaaahaa)

seriously though, Paul's a smart lad, he could have woke up sooner. the powers the bankers have created for themselves will destroy everything, just as they have created much. it's all cyclical, it all falls, it must fall. america is no longer fit to lead, does not inspire (unless you count revulsion). epic fail is meant to hurt.

Anonymous said...

For heaven's sake, Tex, let's be fair.

During whose administration was this economist Roberts working?


Look at what this economic policy advisor was doing. Roberts is the man who advised Reagan that soaring fiscal deficits are a good idea. Under Paul Craig Roberts, United States doubled its deficit to record levels. Under Roberts, United States thought that it could get away with profligacy even when it didn't have the money, because they thought increasing tax revenues in the future from a booming economy would mean the deficit won't be a problem. But, of course, if there was recession, it would be aggravated by the very deficit. And voila!

As of the late 1980s alone, $200 billion of US taxpayer's money was being used just to pay interest on government bonds. For three decades, American people have felt the burden of their fiscal deficit through less capital for private sector, less jobs created, high inflation, multitude of taxes, and redistribution of scarce resources towards the government. Unlike a private debt, it's not the debtor who pays his dues; it's the common man.

And this man, Paul Craig Roberts, is the genius economist looking out for American interests? He doomed United States just as much as any public official. Conservatives once used to be smart and knew that deficits are a bad thing. But under Reagan and Roberts, they did a 180.