Friday, May 28, 2010

Kerflufflin' Kwanstain Keynesians Klobbered

Hear that whistling sound? That's the U.S. economy falling at terminal velocity for it's sudden collision with the rock hard unflinching surface of reality.

It's going to be messy, splatter widely and leave a colossal smoking crater.

It's a topsy-turvy kwazy whacky world turned upside down by the cross-eyed logic of clinical madmen.

Check it out ...

A tax dodger who has never held a day job thinks he is qualified to stabilize the global economy. Sure, that could happen.

The nuts in the Kwanstain government say the military "doesn't exist to guarantee the security of the borders" but the Kanadians say it's worth spending a billion dollars of tax money to protect some trillionaires while they sip champagne and dine on caviar while they discuss their next swindle. Does it get any crazier before we have a correction? Vault-Co says ITZ is getting close indeed. Lowly census workers (one step above seasonal fruit pickers) can enter premises and search without a warrant 'cuz the guffamint sez so. Renting property means you have no rights of ownership according to the "living document" formerly known as the U.S. Constitution. Sure, anything could be true. Let's just make stuff up out of thin air. I have first rights to deflower your wife on her wedding night. See, I just made that up. That means it's legal. What does it matter, everybody knows the 'Kwa is a dead man walking.

Guess what the government is going to make up next? Your kids in kevlar eating bullets in some desolate third world country for motives uncertain and maybe a worldwide nuclear war shortly thereafter. That's what the guffamint thinks problem solving consists of. If you duck into your Vault and your enemy nukes all your whiners aboveground, where's the problem? Solved!

It's not just one flashpoint anymore. It's not a dozen. It's not even a hundred. There are currently thousands of critical failure points in the world, both natural and manmade and any of them could blow wide open at any time. Any one of them could send most of the world population back to the neolithic, open air baby meat barbecues and coconut rule.

The southern oceans were already dead. It was a natural consequence. The death of the northern oceans looks likely to be caused by human stupidity. A large part of the earth's population gets their food from this ocean. No more soup for you.


Anonymous said...

There's a piece of survivalist fiction called, "Unintended Consequences". Within that tale an unorganised revolution takes place where citizens kill the corrupt plutocrats. That's about the only thing that could make the USA crash-land in any way it could survive with some semblance to its founder's intention. After all, psychopaths are a different kind of human, what more justification do you need?

Anonymous said...

It's almost 2 years since the bailouts started.

Peter Schiff correctly called the effects of the bailouts being a "2 year sugar high" that will make things worse.

Anonymous said...

There is no happy ending to this story. No heroes, no justice, no retribution, no 'Just Cause' or 'Crusade' that will be successful. It will just end badly in the form of a race war bloodbath. That's the way it is. Probably the way it always was, I don't know. Whether it was planned to happen or was the result of of degeneration of the spirit of Western Man, you will not know. You will be too busy trying not to be a conveniently edible corpse.

Anonymous said...

quote- one step above seasonal fruit pickers.

i think not. seasonal fruit pickers actually produce a useful outcome, and can be the difference between success or failure for a producer depending on their skill and dedication to fruit handling. a useless picker can negate all monies spent prior to their arrival on the farm, by bruising fruit they can render all outlays spent on previous labours and chemicals, etc null.
a census worker serves only parasites, and are just another part of the problem. there is no comparison between the two, even the lowliest picker is engaged in producing something, if only second grade/juicing fruit or vegies rendered stock feed grade. get out from under your rock tex.