Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Hopi Prophecy

I don't place much stock in prophecy. Besides, the science is much scarier than some ambiguous prediction could ever be.

As the northern hemisphere seems primed to turn into a pure sea of oil, I was reminded of the Hopi Prophecy I read many, many years ago about the sea turning black. I thought at the time that it wasn't very likely that was going to happen, ever ... and I dismissed it as some crazy injun gibberish probably invented to spook tourists.

With the Deepwater Horizon rig disaster, it doesn't seem to just be some old ranting by some indians any more. Read the other signs listed in the sequence. Stuff like that would be kind of hard to see that far in advance. It appears someone did.

I know they are kept suitably vague and symbolic to keep you guessing ... but sometimes I wonder. Is it possible that there is a part of the human consciousness that is not bound to time? I don't know. I am undecided on the subject. Even if it is the case, it is obvious that this vision is very subjective and hardly an exact science. Was Edgar Cayce really seeing catastrophes in his visions as described in his sleep trances? Or was he seeing something? and then embellishing it with details that were unknown to him, in order to get revenues out of lonely middle aged women? Is there a collective consciousness capable of passing imperfect details about things that have not yet happened which sometimes leak into the standard, normal functioning of the human brain? I am not sure. I don't know for a fact. I have suspicions. I'm not convinced of anything in this regard. I most certainly did not start work on my own shelter because of Mayan prophecies or anything else based on some vague notion of clairvoyance. I started on my shelter ten years ago because I knew the facts.

Notice they say bomb shelters are a fallacy. That I recognize as being a very common form of delusion that is universal to low IQ people. I have to wonder if that is really part of the original Hopi prophecy or something tacked on by somebody else recently. The other parts appear to be much older, possibly authored back in the late 1900's.


Marcus said...

Just want to say it is my belief that humans are capable of extraordinary things such a glimpsing the future. However we allow too much of what we want to cloud our minds so that when something happens that we did indeed see coming, we write it off as coincidence. Im sure we have all had a random thought while daydreaming on nothing, only for it to come to pass.

Anonymous said...

I don't know...Our ancestors survived the last burning of the Earth in who knows what type of shelter. Maybe they had vaults. Maybe they survived in caves. Maybe it was just blind luck where they happened to live when the burning came. Maybe-maybe. You do what you can as the spirit moves you. I guess that's all one can do.

Andre Ouellet said...

In 1969, I read BOOK OF THE HOPI. I re-read it once a decade. We are in the Fourth World. The slate was wiped clean at the end of the First World by Fire and Volcanoes. At the end of the Second World, the Earth shifted on it's axis and the seas rolled over the land. Both times the Hopi were saved by following the Ant People to underground shelter. The Third World was ended by the Great Flood, when the Hopi survived on reed boats.

The book ends with the referenced The Hopi Prophecy. I tend to give more credence to prophecy after it comes true! This one seems to show signs of cultural contamination (i.e. WWIII). I would tend to pay more attention to what the Earth itself is telling us.

I think it significant that going underground has been the method of survival twice before. Given that the Earth seems to be heading to a combination of First and Second World catastrophes, I think underground is the best bet if one plans on survival. Since I don't have a shelter, anyone know how to meet the Ant People?

Anonymous said...

hey Tex, ever read The Night Land? I got half way through it as an adolescent. I now believe it has unconsciously informed my life so far, for what that's worth ... things are not so bad to be honest!

Anonymous said...

Then we have the Revelations reference to Wormwood (Chernobyl) and the 2nd Trumpet stating -
'as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood'

Maybe in hindsight, 'blood' was never meant to be human blood, but the 'blood' of the earth - oil (Gulf of Mexico).

Anonymous said...

Shelters are worthless and only for delusional people. Anyone in their right mind would know that you're much safer simply sitting on the ground when there's flames licking around you, bombs dropping, tornadoes ripping up man made structures like weeds or bandits are roaming and looking for someone to rob or rape. No one in the history of mankind has been saved by a strong door or roof over their head. Such a concept is purely a modern invention by conspiracy nuts.

Clearly a tent at most is the safest idea, perhaps dousing it in gasoline to be extra secure against threats...but don't build a shelter. That'd be just crazeeee. No sir.

Anonymous said...

Mr T

I can't vouch for the data accuracy, or the instrumentation, but if this is legit ... WAF

Recent Data Show Ocean Floor Rising by 13'


j said...

Before you can build a shelter, you have to admit that the world might come to a point that you'll actually need it, and that takes more moral courage than most people have.

Anonymous said...

I can't belive you put up a website that refer to Native American prophecy that are coming true as "some crazy injun gibberish"

Forget everything you have heard from us, your time has come, we know what is going to happen after you have invaded and destroyed our lands and way of life. It's just crazy injun gibberish.