Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Entire Planet Looks Like An Amateur Whorehouse Run By Chimpanzees

An accident? Or carefully engineered chaos timed to coincide with unprecedented natural changes?

Learn To Love The Taste Of Volcano Ash. Or build an underground long term shelter with air filtration. Vault-Co is predicting it's going to be dark, dusky and cold on this planet for many years to come.

If nature doesn't get us, the idiots who blew up this oil rig will

What a shame they couldn't tap into that oil. Why, it would've ended a lot of our dependency on the Middle East and correspondingly our support for Israel would have been subject to rigorous political scrutiny. I guess God blew up the rig. Or else a Mossad dive team. Either way. It all works out in the end.

Amerikwa is so deep in the red to fiat paper she couldn't slog her way out with a million years of payments. This is a targeted extinction. The 'Kwa won't be coming back because their debt is designed to make sure they don't come back.


Anonymous said...

TPTB are spending money like no tomorrow because they know there is no "tomorrow". Itz coming. You know it. They know it. As it gets closer to the big event they will act even crazier. So will the rest of us.

Andrew said...

And at the same time TPTB are pushing the anti-islam angle with ever more blatant slaps across the face.

Of course it doesn't work without enriching the indigenous peoples too!

Will the populace generate the collective brain power to seek out the internal traitors - or will they simply accept whatever conclusion the televitz gives them?

...taking me along with them - I might add.

Enoch Powell couldn't have been more accurate if he'd tried.