Sunday, May 2, 2010

The End Of Food Is Coming

Pack it. The caloric value of white rice is that it only need be combined with something that has a few vitamins in it to make a meal.

Whenever you buy a little food, always get a little rice and some oats at the same time. It seems like filler until it is the only thing keeping you alive. Rice/Oats + Anything Else = Life.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Tex, and rice is so cheap now. Where I live rice is $7 for 20 lbs. It is criminally insane not to pack it. Remember folks, whatever you are paying for food today, no matter how high the price may be, it will seem very cheap in the near future.

Anonymous said...

True. Although Id stock up on some spices as well just to make the meal a bit more interesting. Personally Id eat almost anything as long as its spicy.

With the regards to the article; Indeed a disturbing development.

Add to this the soon to be extinct fish from the Gulf of Mexico and you've got quite an interesting situation.


m said...

The Sleeping Prophet’s Mistake

American psychic Edgar Casey (1877-1945) claimed that a global cataclysm on Earth would happen. He predicted shifting of the poles that would cause volcanic eruptions in the tropics. He predicted that the contours of Europe would change, a crack would appear in the Western part of the American continent, while Japan would submerge into the sea. The biggest consolation is that the predicted events were to happen in the end of the last century. But what if the prophet confused the dates?

m said...

“Everything Will Fall Through the Ground.”

Saint Matrona Moskovskaya (1881-1952) predicted the Great October Revolution, World War II, and many other events. She also had some obscure predictions like “There will be no war, you will all die without a war, there will be many victims, you all will be lying on the ground dead…In the evening everything will be on the ground and in the morning you will rise – everything will fall through the ground.”

It can be suggested that she meant a global natural catastrophe.

Rowan said...

Good news for psychopaths.