Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Disturbing Discovery In Austin

Really unsettling photos and background story.

Wherever this guy is, I've just got one thing to say to him ...


Notice how the Kwanzanians involved cannot exactly articulate what he was doing that was illegal. He had so many books down there? Why would any person need to own that many books? He also had soft drinks, power tools and winter blankets. Why would any honest person need to hide his winter blankets down there?

Keep working on it, I'm sure you guys will be able to come up with something he did that was wrong.


...and babies might fly said...

I don't know why they couldn't leave him be.

Solsys said...

Well, the one thing he did wrong was getting spotted, because his tunnels caused the garden of Ms. Landwhale to subside.

Of course, he didn't want that to happen. Lesson learnt : own the land on top, and occasionnaly fill the subsiding ground with earth so the neighbours don't become suspicious.

Of course, his neighbourhood has now lost a substantial chance to survive TSHTF. I guess that instead of having 40 people out of 300 surviving and building up a community again (with his knowledge, books, gear and 19 guns), there will be about two or three, roaming the wild countryside like demented feral goats.

j said...

"Related: 19 guns taken from tunnels under East Austin home"

I can barely even read the news anymore; it's these insidious whispers, constant, ubiquitous, always trying to instill the mind-control. 'Wow, the wacky tunneler guy had guns? Like, real guns? Isn't that illegal?'

Anonymous said...

"Every man has got a breaking point, you and I have them... Walt Kurtz has reached his..and very obviously he has gone insane"....."Yes Sir, very much so Sir...obviously insane"...........................Isn't it interesting when life imitates art and then imitates life and so on? And people think that Apocalypse Now was just a war movie.

Anonymous said...

I was speaking to one of my mates and it came up in conversation that his 6 year old boy had started digging a tunnel under his house,he said it didn't worry him as he had done the same when he was little.
He is also "packing it".
I also tried to dig a bunker when I was little.

Anyone else hear express similar behaviour as a child ?
I wonder if this might be some sort of genetic tendency ?
Is this common among Vault Co readers ?

Chris from Sydney

Anonymous said...

Chris from Sydney

That's all I did as a kid. dig tunnels, rooms into cliff walls and undergrounds.

Of course it helped growing up 2 miles away from a rock quarry.

Some of the best cliff rooms I ever saw were made by Illegals, living for free in the badlands of Beaumont / Banning area in California

Mike M

Anonymous said...

we dug bunkers as teenagers in the uk.
one was so good the army took it upon themselves to destroy it with sledge hammers, theyd been watching us through the whole digging and building process(several weeks). they questioned us afterwards

it was lined with concrete blocks, had a concrete floor and 2 lintels that the dirt covered sheets of tin lay on. the entrance was on the side of a bank covered in briars.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I can recall spending many hours when I was about 8 years old drawing up various designs for underground houses. There must be some kind of genetic memory at work.

Mike -- Republic of Texas said...

I've seen more photos of this guy's house and tunneling activities. With regards to the firearms stored underground, I do not see a problem with that as long as he takes the proper precautions to prevent them from rusting. It's quite possible that his neighborhood is such that storing them in his house is not exactly somewhere he would consider secure. Although I admire his ingenuity and diligence, his engineering skills leave a bit to be desired. He should have dug deeper and shored up his tunnels. If he had done it right, the neighbors would not have noticed. Living up in the Austin area, he at least has the option of building an underground dwelling. I live in the Houston area and if I tried something like that, I would soon end up with a basement swimming pool.