Sunday, May 30, 2010

CONFIRMED : Russian Troops Arriving In United States After Invitation By Janet Napolitano To Quell Internal Unrest

It's all over the internet, the U.S. government has admitted the request was made and they are not commenting on the reason these troops have arrived.

I'm just the messenger. I couldn't make this stuff up.

Twenty years ago, this was what the entire generation of early 80's survivalists were warning everybody about. The John Birch society was the first to suggest this was going to happen someday and that was in the early 60's, not long after they shot John Kennedy.

Tyrants of all flavors have used this strategy to suppress dissidents for thousands of years. The fact is, foreign troops won't have any compromising sympathies with the locals. They won't hesitate on the trigger. This is why many cities in the ancient world hired mercenaries to quell internal civil disruptions.

If they are from the 'hood, they can't be deployed reliably because there is the danger they are not going to fire on their own mother and father, friends or fellow citizens. So you bring in another army from the outside that will feel no pity and not identify with the citizens of that nation. They can be relied upon to obey orders and commit atrocities without pity. It has been a winning strategy for autarchs going back into the mists of antiquity.


Anonymous said...

Confirmed? By who!? Some random guy on the internet?!

No pictures/videos either..

Anonymous said...

Tex, is Aussurv just down or out?


Anonymous said...

Aussurvivalist got taken down. What's up with that dude?

Texas Arcane said...

I was just able to visit AusSurv. Please advise if it is still visible to you wherever your IP is hailing from.

Rowan said...

AusSurvivalist site and forums are accessible from the UK.

Anonymous said...

I need more photos, the one from
the IntelHub site shows an
articulated flatcar. Not very
common in the US. Plus US flatcars
usually have stake pockets, not the
loops you see on the sides in the
photo. Also, the brake wheel
on the side of the car is a dead
give away for European equipment.

Also, are they using baling wire
to tie that vehicle down??? WTF

Show me more photos, or admit its a
photo of a RUSSIAN train taken

Anonymous said...

It's still up as of 2PM EST in New England.

Anonymous said...

Photos on that site all seem to be for illustration rather than evidence.