Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BMD Is A Nation Killer

Historians will write of the first day of World War III when the American ballistic missile defense system proved itself to be one of the biggest failures in the history of military technology. In retrospect it will be noted that there was not a single recorded interception out of thousands upon thousands of nuclear cruise missiles launched by the enemy. When the smoke cleared, it was widely accepted that the false optimism created by this "shield" turned out to be an excuse to allow the American civil defense system to decay to critical levels.

The government shelter system (of course) was one of the best in the world. The largest casualty was sheeple under a rain of atomic death that fell like biblical brimstone on their heads.


Anonymous said...

But Tex,we need the Peace Shield or nukes will hit my house !

That brings back memories doesn't it,anway what happened to bouncing laser beams off of mirrors to blow up all the missiles ? I thought at least that was theoreticaly feasable.This "anti-missile" missile stuff is crap.(I'd better buy more masking tape for the windows and some more plastic and gaffer tape for the downstairs hall...)
The ZOG has plans for "continuity of government".I suggest we all look to making plans for CONTINUITY OF US.
P.S Keep up the viewer links and comments boys,the've been almost as good as Tex himself.
Chris from Sydney.

j said...

I wonder if that's their last-resort plan; if they can't pull a one-world government by, for, and of the bankers out of the financial collapse, they hit the nuclear reset button and then build their NWO on the ashes. It would save them the trouble of depopulating the planet with controlled bio-weapon releases.

It would explain why the shield is being lauded as successful for failed tests. Just another show for the sheeple.


I live in L.A., and once watched a failed ABM test (late 1990's). The target missile from Vandenberg, instead of disappearing to the Southwest on its way to the Ronnie Reagan test range at Kwajalein, grew larger as it came towards L.A., parallel to the coast. It was detonated, giving a beautiful fireworks display. The next day, the news reported a successful ABM test. Yeah. The problem is, whether the crap works or not is only a secondary issue. There is too much money to be made off of using remarked Korean fasteners. How many tests since the one I observed have had faked results?

Actually, I think this system is a cardboard cutout. They have so few officially deployed, they could only defend against North Korea. They must have the real shit they don't want to talk about - around their COG bunkers.

Here in L.A., I am 5 miles from the aircraft factories. Wonder what a 500 kt airburst will do to my house?

Here is a link up Tex's alley:
Scroll down to see the bomb damage charts.

Anonymous said...

Naw, the bankers and delusional rich people aren't going to nuke their nest. Not part of their plan. Too bad for them the Almighty has his own plan which doesn't include them.