Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Apocalypse Trifecta - ITZ finally here

We called it ten years ago. If you hear anybody else using this phrase, they stole it from us.

Natural Climate Changes + Collapse of Western Civilization + Global War = ITZ

New World Order is failing but the destruction it is wreaking is only getting started

Think this isn't sufficient yet? Wait until 2012.


Solsys said...

Vault-Co, the Sorcha Faal link you gave was from march 29, just in case I'll post the link to the most recent article.

Sorcha Faal is funny, but this guy is the real deal : GORO ADACHI !

Your head asplodes !

Anonymous said...

It's ironic that any one who preps or plans for this sh** is considered a marginally dangerous idiot. The press wonders out loud at the strangeness and eccentricity of people nailed by the authorities who have tunnels, vaults, food supplies,weapons, etc. You were always right, Tex.... todays man is not a learning animal.

Anonymous said...

Keep an up to date eye on the sun at ,it updates daily.
The sun is doing WEIRD stuff for a year or two. EG we are supposed to be in the middle of a sunspot maximum BUT the sun is spotless and hasn't had a decent spot for years.