Monday, April 26, 2010

Why Is The Planet Run By Psychotics?

That's easy. It's a winning genetic strategy. Both girls and boys want to worship them, do their will, obey them, be subjugated by them.

The psychotic and sociopath could be considered the most successful parasitic organisms in world history. They are leeches on the most successful of all animal organisms that we know of. They have attained the top of the biological pyramid in the same way the ramora fears nothing in the sea once it has attached itself to the back of a shark.

This is the reason that our race will always go through catastrophic boom-bust cycles. Nothing will ever change until the Children of Cain are no more. As long as they live, they will always find excuses to kill Abel. They've been murdering the good guys for countless thousands of years and people still love them and desire to do what they tell them to. Until this ends, neither will the chaotic cyclic destruction of our societies.


Solsys said...

What is described in the article is the behaviour of high-testosterone young men. As a teacher I see lots of them.

They used to be the best thing during the paleolithic, when life expectancy was between 25 and 30 and life was pretty much about who was the biggest dog and who had the biggest cojones.

In terms of feelings, these guys cannot be beaten. Women cannot feel the same thing for the kind of patient, intelligent guy that turns out to be the best match in a post-neolithic world.

Sadly a great number of people are led to decide following their feelings, and not their brain. As an estimation, I'd say that about 85% of people include some form of emotion when they make key decisions. I do not include intuition in this, which is a whole different thing.

A lot of testosterone-laden men are in fact teenagers, even well into their old age, and behave just the same. They think a woman should look like a top model or a porn actress. More mature men know that there is a place for porn actresses (in the brothel, for instance) and a place for other kind of women, the one they can open their heart to or give as a mother to their children.

Alas, a lot of people nowadays think the ideal man is a macho thug and the ideal woman is a bimbo.

This is why studies that say "80% of women find machos more attractive" really should translate into "80% of women are either teenagers or locked into a paleolithic mentality". (Tex would probably say, in its journalistic style, that 80% of people are complete morons)

(If I disagreed I wouldn't be reading his blog... !)

j said...

I find that study dubious. From an evolutionary standpoint, mating with a psychopath seems like a poor strategy for a female; during pregnancy, she's vulnerable, and psychopaths don't make reliable providers or parents. They're competent parasites but little else. I think it's more likely not psychopathy that women find attractive, but traits indicative of alpha-status in the pack: confidence, fearlessness, etc.; the same traits that study mentions, which overlap with psychopathic traits but don't necessarily imply psychopathy.

As to why psychopaths seem to monopolize positions of power, I think it's probably because the power structure itself is inherently sociopathic; it deals with dominance and power and deception and hegemonic self-preservation; compassion is rarely a factor in statecraft. Psychopaths are attracted to such a structure; normal people aren't. And as psychopaths get into the power structure, they only want other psychopaths around them. It's probably similar to organized crime in that you can't get into positions of power unless your superiors have the blackmail to control you.

Though I'm not disagreeing with you that a lot of people just want to be conned.