Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Wheat Amongst The Tares

You might at first think this article is just another simpleminded analogy.

It isn't.

It's profound. It is a subtle insight into the world that is counter-intuitive and completely different from the paradigm that secular people operate on ... which is completely wrong. You can believe I mean it when I say it - I was a secular atheist for sixteen years. This is the other side of the coin.

It's important because it is also an indictment of Arminian heresies and general Krisschan perversion of the Gospel.

If you discover your wheat amongst your tares, what do you do? Do you burn the entire field?

Just imagine you were in God's place. You've got a harvest coming. You believe there is something worth preserving in it. You've also got a lot of tares - a kind of weed that looks like wheat but is really a nuisance plant.

The tares think they deserve to be harvested alongside the wheat - after all, don't they look the same? Why does the Lord believe any of this crop is fit to be cast out - after all, aren't we all wheat? God loves anything found growing in the field and if he didn't, he must be a lousy farmer. Therefore he must not exist.

Why does God withhold his wrath? Why does he dress up the day he cleans house by wrapping it in an Ice Age or a magnetic reversal? Why does he schedule things in this fashion and try to make it look like a natural event? Why doesn't he just torch the entire crop right now?

God is trying to figure out to get that wheat out of there without losing the entire harvest.

The tares notice how easily their numbers are edging out the wheat and they think - we must be the reason God planted this crop to begin with. It's our right to edge the wheat out ... after all, consensus is more important than truth. The tares think, we've got the numbers, therefore God is either a lousy farmer or must simply not exist. We are the definition of the use of this field. Our numbers prove it.

That's not what is happening at all. It's symptomatic of these weeds that they start by defining everything as it relates to them - and they put themselves in the center of the universe. If they were Children of God, they'd put God in the center and wonder what they might be doing wrong ... effectively starting from the other end of the reasoning pipe.

Those weeds are going to burn. It's their destiny.

God is a really superb farmer. He knows exactly what he is doing.

These things in your life giving you time to prepare and forsee these events coming are there because the Lord wants to give some of his children time to get ready. Remember, we are speaking of a being who only invented time as a contrivance to convenience the weak processing power of the human brain.

God can light this field up anytime he wants to. When you hear the tares asking today, "So where is he? Let him come quickly, that we might see him! Obviously, he doesn't exist!" don't know what they are saying. They'll find out soon enough. They have the misfortune to be born on the eve of the terrible harvest.


Anonymous said...

That's why movies like 2012 spread a false and twisted eschatological message, than the one given in the scriptures. God gives a second chance to rebuild not the City of Man again, with the purpose of living away from God and worshiping himself, but the City of God that is described in the Book of Isaiah, to worship God. He doesn't give us a second chance to try again and rebuilt a City from the beginning "better" this time. Our eschatological hope is that we will live in a City that God will built for us.

As Jacques Ellul points out, Cain in order to bear the weight of the curse that fell upon him, builds a city in trying to accommodate his need for a place that belongs to him and gives him security. He replaces Eden with his City. He replaces the City of God with the City of Man that Augustine talked about.

Isaiah 24:10 "The city of confusion is broken down: every house is shut up, that no man may come in"

Food-safe bags said...

Tex, you've hit the bloody nail on the head so often this month that all I've got to say is keep it up, and I look forward to reading your next instalment, as always.