Saturday, April 24, 2010

Strictly Non-Nuclear Technology Advances

Missiles that can travel at Mach 5 to hit any location on the globe in an hour.

They will carry payloads of dynamite and gunpeter, however. Just to keep it fair.

If you believe these missile warheads will be non-nuclear, please write my P.O. Box for a map of where Osama Bin Subcontractor is hiding and a true piece of the Holy Cross. Include a money order for $5000.00 or more and I will also send you an authentic photo of a siamese cat playing a banjo.

Imagine these missiles except launched from orbit like in the new X-Class Air Force space shuttle. You could hit any capitol on Earth with a tactical nuke in minutes.

I'm sure the other countries will just bend over and grab their ankles as the United States announces it is the new unchallenged sovereign emperor of Earth. They will just roll over and beat their swords into plowshares and line up for their jobs making tennis shoes in the nearest American run sweatshop.

If you think that is what is going to happen, don't delay. Go to the post office and send me that money order as soon as you can. Photos of the banjo cat are strictly limited.

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