Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shelters Are Just Deathtraps

Sure they are.

That's why people are always coming out of them later for the past hundred years telling us that somehow they worked despite not even having a door, ventilation system or any toilet inside.

Imagine what a real shelter could endure.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tex, this was just released.

WikiLeaks Video of US Military Killing Innocent Civilians in Iraq Part 1 of 2

Andrew said...

American military precision at it's finest - with this level of incompetency who needs external enemies?

Brainwashed by the training, they actually enjoy the killing. Cheered on by the "patriotic", "christian" folks back home.

A shame they lack:
-the intelligence to realize they have no business there.
-the foresight to see how these very weapons could be used against them should they step out of order.
-the morality of spending the lion's share of the budget on military matters.

People this dangerous shouldn't be able to wield anything more powerful than plastic spoons. Put simply - live by the sword, die by the sword.