Saturday, April 17, 2010

Science Klowns Attempt Thought, With Mixed Results

Read the article and tell me you can't see the conclusion pushing it's way up the scientist's nostril in every single sentence.

Robert Felix passed more brain cells in his last bowel movement than all of these bifocal wearing dorks put together. They don't know which end of a test tube to fart into. It is tragic to read this stuff - you want to blast an airhorn in one of their ears and when you've got their attention, read their own words back to them one at a time until they get a hint.

You wouldn't need formal scientific training of any kind to read about those magnetic spherules distributed evenly all over the planet, followed by the admission they are often produced by high pressure explosive compression, to recognize elements of Robert's latest book.

I just don't understand how you can go into scienmajistics for a profession with such a clear bias against rational thinking. Honestly. Didn't they used to screen these kinds of people out of medicine and science and encourage them to pursue careers in something they had more aptitude for like housecleaning and yardwork?

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confident and paranoid said...

"They don't know which end of a test tube to fart into." -- You've made me chuckle with this one Tex.